Cara Raymond, PhD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individual Therapy

I serve adults who are looking to improve the quality of their life. This takes many forms and the common underlying feature is the desire to heal, grow, and/or make changes. 

Some individuals come in to therapy with well defined problems they want to work on or changes they want to make. For many, their sense of dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, or loss of meaning is more vague and they want to explore where their feelings are coming from.  Wherever you are, we can collaboratively decide what our focus in therapy will be and the type of work we will do together.      

Areas of specialty include:
Relationship Difficulties
Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Changing Ineffective Patterns
Self Esteem
Balancing Multiple Demands
Women's Issues

I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is critical for therapy to be effective. You should see someone with whom you feel comfortable and safe. So, for new clients, I offer a free initial consultation by phone. As with all relationships, not everyone is compatible. This consultation will help us decide whether or not my skills and style are a good fit for your particular goals and if we would feel comfortable working together.