Cara Raymond, PhD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Therapy provides a particular context in which individuals can heal and grow.For me, that context includes a combination of multiple qualities, including a collaborative relationship, an environment that is non-judgmental and open to considering things from multiple perspectives, and specialized skills. I treat each person I work with as an individual, with your own unique experiences and circumstances, not just as a diagnosis. I consider multiple aspects of your well-being, including relationships, mental health, physical health, and spirituality. I believe that it is through relationship and solitude, time spent with others and time spent with ourselves, that each of us grows and develops and that the balance of these is an important determinant of well-being. My goal is to facilitate your ability to make changes that will create a lasting improvement in your sense of well-being.

I do different kinds of work based on what people need. I have skills andtools that help with symptom relief as well as exploring the underlying causes of symptoms. This deeper, more insight-oriented work can be important to create holistic healing and growth. Together, we will decide what type of work (for example, solution-focused or insight-oriented, short- or longer-term) will be most helpful and appropriate for you.

My orientation and style are integrative, which means that I use various techniques and theoretical knowledge depending on your individual problems and needs. These techniques and theories include cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral, mindfulness, and humanistic.